Daily Art #2

It’s Daily Art time. It should be a lot of fun to see where these posts take me. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m leaving myself a lot of wiggle room as to what I share. My goal is to make illustrations the bulk of what is shared. I’m also going back and forth on if I should post on weekends or leave it for Monday through Friday.

The art for today is a design piece. Over the past year or so, I’ve been using an extra PC as a streaming device. I’ve gathered my collection of TV shows on DVD. It takes a bit of work but I get the episodes onto the computer and organized. Using Plex, which is a fantastic client media server, I can stream my own collection to any tv or mobile device. The benefit is I can access the media anywhere, I don’t have to pay a monthly streaming fee and I don’t have to worry about my favorite shows being removed from a streaming service. Obviously, I had to create a logo for this setup… which I call “Otisflix”.

This logo is just a preliminary concept. I’m actually pretty happy with it as it is but I never like to settle for my first design. I’m not sure if I will stick with orange as the main color (Pantone 165, one of my faves) or if I’ll experiment with other options. This font though is really nice. It is called ITC Kabel Std. Being an artist can be stressful in many ways, most of which are usually self-inflicted. One of the best aspects though is being able to create something from nothing.

Otisflix Logo Concept. 2020

My only worry about this logo is that it is similar to one of the alternate lockups for Timid Lion. That’s why I may play with other color options as well as simply using the text without the color circle. I’m a fan of simple logos. Many clients I work with don’t seem to understand why simple text-based logos can be so strong. From my experience, most clients seem to think More is More. If some of most powerful corporations in the world can use a simple text-based logo. Then it is good enough for Otisflix damnit. Until next time, so long everybody.

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