Daily Art #4 – Monsters!

Hello once again and welcome back! Here for day #4 of the daily art gimmick. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m taking a few days off from posting Otisflix logo work. It can’t all be the same stuff everyday or that would get boring. Today, I thought I would share a section from a book I recently illustrated.

Last year, I challenged myself to illustrate 5 books in one year. So far, I’ve completed 3 and still have 4 months to go. It seems as though I will make it… fingers crossed. My first book is currently available on Amazon here. The next book, which is called “Too Many Monsters” will be available in 2020. Today, I pulled a piece of art from this book to share. In total, this book took two months to illustrate and featured over 150 individual pieces of art. My hand was hurting after this one.

“Too Many Monsters” ©2019

The finished product was something I could be very proud of. It featured a colorful palette and different textures. Once it becomes available through Amazon, I’ll post a link here. Until next time, so long everybody!

“The Secret of Clean Socks” – Amazon