Daily Art #5 – Bus Stop!

It’s Friday baybe! Another week is complete. If you’re in the St. Louis area and need something to do tonight, head on over to Pieces STL. I’ll be there from 8-10p drawing free caricatures. Who doesn’t like FREE? Get on down there tonight!

I’m usually there most Fridays and it is always a fun environment. To continue the daily art posting here though, here is a fun piece from my latest sketchbook. This is just a quick warmup done in pen and ink. Color comes from Prismacolor markers, which I love. These type of sketches are always fun to do and are great sketchbook fillers.


My goal is to always fill one sketchbook per month. It is a great exercise as it forces you to draw, draw and then draw some more. There is no better way to get better than to just keep practicing. This latest sketchbook has been open since September so I’ve taken a bit longer to fill it up. I’ve only got a few pages left so I plan to start a new one on March 1st. My only regret about the above sketch… the shadow color under the hair is just a bit too dark. Oh well, what can you do? Until next time, so long everybody!