Timid Lion originally began in 2009 as a way for our pride leader, Christopher Grant, to share his artwork online. In those days, we weren’t called Timid Lion. Our first incarnation was simply, Christopher Grant Studios. For the first two years of our existence, Timid Lion (or Christopher Grant Studios) focused on sharing a daily web comic as well as other pieces of art. We were a genuine art blog.

After two years, Chris was hired as a caricature artist and worked at the St. Louis Zoo. He credits this job with reinvigorating his love of art by saying:

“I would recommend spending at least one summer as a caricature artist to anyone who is thinking of art as a career. Not only will it drastically improve your drawing ability, but it also allows you to spend time interacting with other talented artists. The amount of money you make will pale in comparison to the skills you will learn.”

After two years working as a caricature artist, Chris enrolled at the Art Institute of St. Louis where he graduated summa cum laude. He was the first student at the school to remain on the President’s List (4.0 GPA) during his entire tenure. After earning a degree in Graphic/Web Design, he transformed Christopher Grant Studios into Timid Lion.

Timid Lion is now a large pride as we offer our creative services to to a wide range of clients. We work with Envision by Design, Delirium Creative Group, The Creative Group, SmartKidz Media, Hartmann Arts and Concessions, About Faces Entertainment, First Community Credit Union, Hotsy, C&C Quality Printing and many more. We are always looking to add to the pride. Whether you are in need of design, illustration, or caricature; Always remember… Call on the Lion!