Daily Art #1

Happy President’s Day to all of those living in the US. We all enjoy an extra day off for a three-day weekend… except me, as I have already made calls to two separate clients. They must not have gotten the memo.

Anyway, I’m planning on trying something new here on the blog. Later, I will be posting articles. These articles will be complete with sample art and examples. They should be fun. For now, I want to start pushing myself to share some kind of art everyday. I’m leaving the rules fairly open on this. Here is the art for today…

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Upcoming Event!

This coming Friday, Valentine’s Day, I will be heading down to one of my usual drawing spots: Pieces Board Game Bar and Cafe! You can find me there most Fridays drawing FREE CARICATURES! Who doesn’t love FREE! If you are in the St. Louis area and need something to do with your sweetie, head on over to Pieces. I’ll be drawing from 8p-10p. See you there!

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The Secret of Clean Socks!

Recently, I’ve made some positive changes in my life. Not that anything was wrong. It is just a good idea to evaluate things and make alterations that can positively impact your life. After reading several organizational/positive thinking books, I began to implement these changes. One exercise was of great help.

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